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Western Region

Margam LIP in South Wales had it's own allocation of Class 37s in the 1990s, as well as being a stabling point for the class for many years. On July 7th 1997, Class 37/5 no. 37521 is seen between duties.

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It is now over 18 years since the first version of "English Electric Growl" appeared on the web and I had little idea at the time of how big the project would become or how much time and money it would take to design, host and publish the site. In that time the site expanded until the running costs became so much, that I either had to pull the plug, or reduce the size of information available to visitors. A decision was made to streamline the site by reducing the amount of space it took up, but keeping it on the web. An appeal was made for donations to help cover these costs, but none were received, directly or via the offer to design websites in return.


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