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About Growl: 2016 Updates
Date Page Updates Details of Update
12/06/2016 Revamp! The revamp of the admin area of the site has been completed this weekend with attention now turning to the main 'public' area of the site which will undergo similar 'modifications' over the coming weeks. A decision has been made to modify the complete site 'offline' before it is relaunched later in the year, which year I cannot confirm ;)
04/06/2016 Update Revamp During the revamp of the admin site, it was decided that alot of entries into the database which concerned updates carried out to the site which were not directly informative, did not need to be available any longer. Some records dated back to 2007, so the database table has been streamlined and in furture these update notificiations will only be "held" for 2 years.
11/03/2016 37698 The loco history file for 37698 has been updated, which may have included adding photographs to the site. If you can add or amend any information on display, please use the contact form.
27/01/2016 General The host server for the site has recently been upgraded, so some areas of the site may not work if they are not compatible with the software used to run the server. There are plans to revamp the site, but it cannot be confirmed when it will happen. Hopefully it will happen before the next upgrade which will stop the site from working, yes I have tried it and it doesnt work!!!
16/01/2016 General The last 12 months have been a bit topsy turvy for 'English Electric Growl', a number of personal changes have occurred which have affected the time which I have to update the site. General news, allocations and photos have been maintained, but other projects have ground to a halt. There may be a few changes to the site in the coming months as I look to make it easier to maintain, but all will be noted in this area when it does.Let's hope you all have a great 2016, with more 'standards' out on the mainline, it does look promising!


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