English Electric Growl 

Classes: 1320 class

1320 class

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Queensland, Australia

Powering through the Brisbane suburbs, a pair of 1300/1320 Class locomotives lead by 1320 class, no. 1340, head towards the Blackwater coalfields with an empty hopper train from the port in August 1975.

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English Electric Australia, Rocklea Works, Brisbane, Queensland.
Running Numbers
Number Built

All exported to Tasmania, see ZC class

Locomotive Status
English Electric 12CSVT MKII
Main Generator
English Electric 822/16J
Auxiliary Generator
English Electric 755
Traction Motors
English Electric 548 x 6
Locomotive Brakes
Air, Rheostatic
Train Brakes
Wheel Arrangement
Imperial Metric
 3ft 6in
 1067 mm
Minimum Curve  
 264 ft 0 in
 80467 mm
 51 ft 6 in
 15687 mm
 9 ft 3 in
 2820 mm
 12 ft 4½ in
 3772 mm
 88½ tons
 89.8 tonnes
Fuel Capacity  
 1200 Gallons
 5455 litres
Power Rating  
 1950 / 1795 HP
 1454 / 1339 kW
Tractive Effort (Start)  
 62,000 lbs
 276 kN
Tractive Effort (Cont)  
 50,400 lbs at 10¾ mph
 224 kN at 17.4 km/h
 60 mph
 96 km/h

The primary use for the 1300 class was for to transport coal from the Moura and Blackwater mines, although it was not uncommon to find them on other duties, such as general freight services. All 45 members of the class were based at Gladstone depot and became known as the "Poms", after their English Electric name.

These versatile locomotives worked in every part of the state, after being displaced from their coal duties by the Clyde/GM loco's in the 1970's, until the late 1980's when it was decided by QR that it was going to "standarise" its locomotive fleet on the Clyde/GM loco's and would therefore dispose of the English Electric locomotives.

During 1987 the Australian National Railway Commission in Tasmania, purchased the 16 locomotives of the 2350 & 2370 classes from Queensland and were still in the market to obtain additional motive power. Towards the end of 1988 all 45 members of the 1300 class, including some that had been stored and heavily stripped of parts, were sold to the ANRC and shipped to Tasmania in three batches, becoming the ZC class across the water.

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1270/1300/1320 class and a consist of bulk grain wagons towards Pinkenba. The rail bridge that the train has crossed was constructed in 1957 as part of the quadruplication of the Ipswich line. The bridge is unusual in that there has never been an official naming ceremony. It is flanked by the Albert Bridge (rail bridge, out of picture to the left) built in 1895, and the Walter Taylor Bridge (in background, vehicular traffic) completed in 1937.



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