English Electric Growl 

Classes: 2370 class

2370 class

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Queensland, Australia

2370 class no. 2372 shunts in the Roma Street area on December 2nd 1986

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General Electric Company Australia, Rocklea Works, Brisbane, Queensland.
Running Numbers
Number Built

All exported to Tasmania, see ZB class.


All locomotives of this class have been reclassified. Please look at the overview to see the classification status


English Electric 12CSVT MKIII
Main Alternator
Toyo Denki TY WD 10314
Auxiliary Alternator
Toyo Denki TY CD 344A-4A
Traction Motors
English Electric 548 x 6
Locomotive Brakes
Air, Rheostatic.
Train Brakes
Wheel Arrangement
Imperial Metric
 3 ft 6 in
 1067 mm
Minimum Curve  
 264 ft 0 in
 80467 mm
 56 ft 2 in
 17120 mm
 9 ft 3 in
 2820 mm
 12 ft 5¼ in
 3790 mm
 90 tons
 91.4 tonnes
Fuel Capacity  
 1400 Gallons
 6365 Litres
Power Rating  
 2640 / 2350 HP
 1970 /1753 kW
Tractive Effort (Start)  
 77,950 lbs
 347 kN
Tractive Effort (Cont)  
 50,400 lbs at 14½ mph
 276 kN at 23 km/h
 60 mph
 96 km/h
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The 2350 class was first introduced into service in 1973, followed by the 2370 class in 1975. The 2370 class were English Electric's last class of locomotives built for Queensland Railways.

They were used on the Moura and Blackwater lines from Gladstone, and also found use on general freights around the state of Queensland. The 2350 and 2370 classes were renowned for having bad wheel slip problems due to the weight of the loco being badly distributed across the bogies.

In the mid 1980s a decision was made to electrify both the Moura and Blackwater lines making the class surplus to requirements and as there was insufficient work for them in the state, so they were put into store at Redbank between April 1987 and September 1987. Within months, all 16 locomotives were 'exported' to Tasmania and they were all reclassified to fit into the Tasmanian classfication system and they became the ZB class

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