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Queensland, Australia

Amongst the storage lines of Redbank workshops on July 12th, 1987, a mixture of 2350 and 2370 class locomotives can be seen. 2370 class, no. 2372, leads the pack and is accompanied by 2355, 2370, 2351 and 2358

© Anthony Winstone

The following people have all made a contribution to this site in a non-media capacity, many thanks to them all for taking the time to send in the information and hopefully, they will contiunue to make contributions for some time to come.

Allan Pearce, Anglia Type 3 Society, Anthony Winstone, Bill Parkinson, Brad Coulter, Brad Peadon, Brian Webber, Carlos Perez Arnau, Celsa Group, Chris Barrow, Chris Carpenter, Chris Nuthall, Chris Stratton, Chris Walters, Craig Adamson, Craig Nicholson, Darren Hingston, Dave Bramley, Dave Craik, Dave Siviour, David Bromage, Don Copley, Doug Pyburn, Eben Levy, Eddie Barnes, Eljas Pölhö, Gary Roberts, Geoff Cooke, Geoff Warren, Glyn Thomas, Graham Richer, Graham Ringer, Graham Roberts, Greg Adams, Ian Furness, Ivor Bufton, Javier Pena, Jim Bisdee, John Ashworth, John Bollans, John Cleverdon, John Dawson, John Garaty, John Hourigan, John Middleton, Jorge Almuni Ruiz, Kevin Dunk, Kevin Jarvis, Leon Batman, Leon Oberg, Luton Jez, Mahktar Sylla, Malcolm McCrow, Mark Allatt, Mark Dean, Mark Williams, Martin Bray, Martin Butterworth, Martin Frodsham, Melanie Dennis, Michael Dix, Mike Hodge, Nicholas Pusenjak, Paul Andrews, Peter Clark, PF Bagshawe, Phil Dumelow, Phil Melling, Polmont, Rob Dickinson, Rod Williams, Rugby Town, Simon Chandler, Steve Bromley, Steve Jones, Steve Palamo, Steve Zvillis, Stuart Dix, Tas Steam Alive, Thomas Kautzor, Vernon Large.

These internet based mail listings have also made an important contribution.

  • Gsquad
  • ee_world
  • Rail-Gen
  • DRS-Gen
  • Modern_Traction_Photography
  • Rail-photos
  • class37
  • WArail
  • Ausloco
  • Qrig
  • Locoshed
  • Tasrail
  • Tassierailnews
  • World-Diesel-loco

I would also like to thank members of The Growler Group and the Class 37 Locomotive Group (Incorporating the Class 37 Locomotive Association and the Class 37 Group), for all the support and information that has been submitted since the 1990's.

If you have made contributions to this site and have been omitted from the above lists, please get in touch using this contact form and your name will be added at the next update.

Keep up the good work!


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