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Tasmania. Australia

The empty paper train catches the last rays of sun as it nears the end of the Derwent Valley Branch on the approach to Boyer on February 15th 2008. The train was hauled by MKA Class no. 2137, MKA Class no. 2131 and DQ Class no. 2012

© Steve Bromley

The following people have all made a contribution to this site that is in a media format, including photographs, video and sound files. May I thank these people for taking the time to send in these items, if they have given me a link to a website of their own, these are now available on the links pages.


Published Contributors

Any contributor who has their contribution currently 'live' on the site, will appear in the list below.

A.G. Denyer, Alan Chambers, Alan T York, Alasdair Mulhern, Alex Steele, Allan Pearce, Andrew Cooke, Andrew Newton, Andrew Skinner, Andy Appleton, Andy Crisp, Andy Mitchell, Andy Stoddon, Anglia Type 3 Society, Anthony Winstone, Benjamin Dix, Bill Parkinson, Brad Coulter, Brian Aitken, Brian Battersby, Brian Webber, Bruce Russell, C Arnold, Carlos Perez Arnau, Celsa Group, Charles Hinton, Chris Nuthall, Chris Pelling, Chris Stratton, Chris Walters, Colin Grafham, Colin Marsden, Craig Adamson, Craig Nicholson, D9019, Damian Smith, Daniel Pearson, Darren Hingston, Darren Wood, Dave Bramley, Dave Craik, Dave Evans, David Dudley, David Harlott, David Kirkwood, David Melling, David Rowie, David Shillam, Don Copley, Doug Pyburn, Eben Levy, English Electric Growl Collection, Fraser Brown, Garry Sparks, Gary Lennon, Gary Roberts, Geoff Bannister, Geoff Cooke, Geoff Taylor, Geoff Warren, Gerry Cork, Graham Richer, Graham Ringer, Graham Roberts, Graham Walker, Grant Fleming, Greasy Rails, Griffin Images, Groetjes Joop, HNRC, Ian Furness, Ian Hardy, Ian Holmes, Ian Preston, Ivor Bufton, Jacob Bonet, Javier López Ortega, Javier Pena, Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy, Jeffrey Grenfell, Jeremy Gould, Jim Bisdee, Jim Ramsay, John Ashworth, John Bollans, John Dawson, John Garaty, John Hourigan, John Kelly, John Middleton, John Shinie, John Webster, John Whittingham, Jon Francis, Jonathan Bird, Jorge Almuni Ruiz, Jorge Sarga, Julián Gutiérrez, Keith Long, Keith Till, Kendal May, Kester Brown, Kev Smith, Kevin Downton, Kevin Dunk, Kevin Patience, Kevin Umani Okech, Leon Batman, loc_334, Luke Cossins, Luton Jez, Mahktar Sylla, Manuel Gonzalez Marquez, Mario Rodriquez Ruiz, Mark Allatt, Mark Barber, Mark Dean, Mark Harrington, Mark Pitman, Martin Bray, Martin Butterworth, Martin Frodsham, Martin Reeve, Martyn Keevil, Matt Stoddon, Matthew Burridge, Matthew Johnson, Melanie Dennis, Michael Dix, Michael Neidig, Michael Stuart, Mick Collins, Mike Condon, Mike Cooper, Mike Hodge, Mike Quirk, Mirfield MPD, Neil Aitken, Neil Dimmer, Neil McDonald, Nick Chadha, Nick Leverton, Paul Andrews, Pete Rogers, Peter Clark, Peter Dix, Peter Kellett, PF Bagshawe, Phil Lindsey, Phil Melling, Polmont, Rail Photoprints, Railfoto, Ray Cairns, Ray Christopher, Raymond Marsh, Richard Bowen, Richard Bucknall, Richard Krol, Richard W Gennis, Rob Dickinson, Rob Dickinson Collection, Rob Dumelow, Robdog, Robert Masterman, Robert McBride, Robert McCulloch, Robin Lush, Rod Tonkin, Rod Williams, Roger Smith, Ron H, Ross Aitken, Rugby Town, Simon Barber, Simon Barratt, Simon Chandler, SImon Close, Stephen Dowle, Steve Bromley, Steve Jones, Steve Morris, Steve Williams, Steve Worthington, Steve Zvillis, Steven Robertson, Stewart Anderson, Stuart Atkins Collection, Stuart Dix, Stuart George, Stuart Jackson, Tas Steam Alive, Thomas Dumelow, Thomas Kautzor, Toby Rowallan, Tony Dumelow, Tony Gooch, Trev Hurley, Tyler Meiklejon, Vernon Large, Weston Langford, Will Faichney, William Parkinson Collection, Wouter Radstake.


Unpublished Contributors

Any contributor who has previously made a contribution but it is not 'live' on the site, will appear in the list below.

Alan Lea, Alan Shaw, Alex Jones, Andreas Wörteler Collection., Andrew Dix, Andrew McGrath-Kerr, Brad Peadon, Charlie Harris, Chris Barrow, Chris Carpenter, Chris Dearson, Craig Belcher, Dave Siviour, David Bromage, Ewan Tait, Frank Archer, Globe Video Films, Glyn Thomas, Greg Cash, J.M.Adamson, John Cleverdon, Jorge Almuni, Kevin Jarvis, Leon Oberg, Malcolm McCrow, Mark Bridel, Mark Williams, Martin Taylor, Matt Crump, Matt Kitchin, Moska9002, Nicholas Pusenjak, Paul Lee, Peter Michalak, Phil Dumelow, Robert Woods, Romain Veillard, Scott Hillan, Stephen Jones, Stuart Atkins, The Lizard, Tim Rogers, Tony Sayer, Tony Wells, Trevor Powell, Venita Hunter.


Professional Contributors

In the past we have been fortunate to display a number of videos in the gallery that have been submitted by both amateur videographers and professionals from all over the world. The amateurs have been added to the list above, but a separate page for each of the professional contributors has been created as a way of thanks for donating the films free of charge!

Globe Video Films, Tas Steam Alive, Water Street Productions.

If you have made contributions to this site and have been omitted from the above lists, please get in touch using this contact form and your name will be added at the next update.

Keep up the good work!


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