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Preserved Locations

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Barrow Hill Roundhouse

Not a real Class 23, but this Class 37 no. 37372 has been marked up ready for conversion to a 'replica' to represent the class in preservation in this view on February 5th 2011. If the project is successful, it should appear as no. D5910

© Brian Battersby

Welcome to the preserved locations area, where you can see what locations have been visited by 12CSVT fitted locomotives, whether they are current or in the past.

The menus on the left have been split into three areas, British, African and Australian, which have then been divided further into areas, countries of states depending on the selections available. By clicking the area you want, a list of visited sites will appear which are colour coded as follows, locations which have previously had a visit or been a base and those which are currently home to a 12CSVT. A key has been provided on the left.


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