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Tasmania. Australia

In the 21st century, containerised traffic is the mainstay of north/south operations, here Z class no. 2112 leads ZA class no. 2117 and Z class no. 2110 throught the Hobart suburb of Newtown in May 2000

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This site can be traced back to it's humble beginnings on a 'tied' server in 1998/1999. In those early days, the site was very basic and held basic information about the Class 37s, but as the 'exported' and 'Australian built' locomotives were uncovered that were also fitted with the 12CSVT diesel engine, these were added. As the site evolved, more information and news was added concerning the classes of locomotives and the scope of the site changed to include 12CSV diesel engines in Marine and Industrial applications, it was around this time that the current web address came into being.

Since it's conception, the website has evolved and as well as the current upgrades that go on behind the scenes, there are plans on future developments. Please have a look around, I am sure you will find something of interest within the site, if you think that you may be able to contribute in any way, e.g. Photographs, Booklets, News, etc. you can get in touch with me using the contact form or, if you already know my address, through e-mail.

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