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Tasmania. Australia

The 70km trip from Tonganah to East Tamar took almost 4 hours to complete and that was on a good day! The future of the line was put into doubt when Pacific National took over operations on the Isle and as it was the last domain of the ZC class, their future was also cloudy. In the final year of operation ZC class no.s 2145 and 2144 approach Lebrinna on March 22nd 2004

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The primary goal of this section is to thank all contributors to the site since it was initially published in the late 1990's. There are primarily two types of contributor, those that submit media files, i.e. Sounds, Pictures or Videos, and those that submit information in the form of text, brochures and books, etc. To differentiate those contributors, two pages have been created, one for media and one for general contributions.

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An ever important area of the site are the photographs, an aim of the site is to publish at least one image of every single locomotive to have been fitted with the English Electric 12CSVT diesel engine, and to do this there is a reliance on the visitors contributing. How do visitors know which images are required? Well a number of lists appear in the 'Photographs' section which show the amount of images that have been published.

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