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Australian Videos I am looking to add a number of Videos to the gallery of the site in the coming weeks and have noticed that I have a couple of gaps in the Australian built locomotives. If you can supply a video of any of the following classes at work that would be much appreciated.

A Class in Western Australia

K Class in Western Australia

KA Class in Western Australia

R Class in Western Australia

RA Class in Western Australia

1300/1320 Class in Queensland

2350/2370 Class in Queensland

MKA class in Malaysia

Type 3 Renumberings During the late 1960's as Steam was withdrawn from service on British Railways, the need for locomotive numbers to be prefixed with 'D' for Diesel and 'E' for electric was no longer required. Therefore, the E.E. Type 3's of the day had the 'D' prefix removed. If you have any observations that could be used to narrow down the date that this occurred, please send them in using the e-mail form linked to the title of this request.
Photographs There is always a need for photographs on the site, if you can fill the gaps, or add to those which have been published, please get in touch
37075 GCR(N) in 2003 I am looking for information on passenger workings for 37075 on the Great Central Railway (Nottingham). besides the workings that appear on this site, I need details of trains worked on the following occasions.

19/07/2003 during the GCRN Diesel Gala

20/07/2003 during the GCRN Diesel Gala

30/08/2003 worked Top & Tail with a Steam loco

25/10/2003 during the GCRN Diesel Gala



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