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Class 37/0 no. 37254 worked it last trains on the Spa Valley Railway on September 25th 2015 and is seen here at Tunbridge Wells West during a run round movement.

© Vernon Large
English Electric Growl 19610300_0000_VulcanFoundry_D6713_CM01.jpg 19620000_0000_Unknown_9005_KP01.jpg 19650621_0000_Bargoed_D6983_RM03.jpg 19671215_0000_MaidaValeRoad_K202+K204+K207+K205_WL01.jpg 19720413_0000_StrelleyRiverBridge_4_WL01.jpg 19721201_0000_RockleaWorks_Z1_WP01.jpg 00000000_0000_Armadale_R1901_SB04.jpg 19810900_0000_SennarJunction_1055_RD03.JPG 19850825_1400_Haymarket_37401_RM01.jpg 19870416_0000_Newport_37906_MB01.jpg 19890800_0000_AccraShed_1865_TK01.jpg 19890525_1317_CogloadJunction_37350_VL01.jpg 19930717_2100_Dalnacardoch_37505+37100_SJ01.jpg 19960619_0000_TyneYardAvoider_37601-37603_MB01.jpg 19980900_0000_Whyalla_MKA6_SZ01.jpg 20021003_0000_Fuenlabrada_L24-L21_VL01.jpg 20031017_0000_Lietinna_2144+2140_SB01.jpg 20040315_0000_Warrington_37698_RG01.jpg 20100311_1442_NakuruDepot_8742_GW01.jpg 20140805_1422_Cilcewydd_97304-97303_TD02.jpg

All photographs which appear in the above gallery appear elsewhere on the site.

English Electric Growl

This site can be traced back to it's humble beginnings on a 'tied' server in 1998/1999. In those early days, the site was very basic and held basic information about the Class 37s, but as the 'exported' and 'Australian built' locomotives were uncovered that were also fitted with the 12CSVT diesel engine, these were added. As the site evolved, more information and news was added concerning the classes of locomotives and the scope of the site changed to include 12CSV diesel engines in Marine and Industrial applications, it was around this time that the current web address came into being.

There is always a need for material to be included in the site, can you help? Could you supply recent or historic images? If you can please get in touch via the contact form.

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