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On July 4th 2009, Class 37/4 no. 37418 is seen at Ramsbottom on the East Lancashire Railway

© Brian Battersby


When the site was created, there was very little thought about how big the project would become, or how much time and money it would take to design, host and publish the site for over 25 years! This has been one of the reason why the site has been reduced in size in the past, and also suffered from sluggish updates in recent years, because every day life and family needs have been the priority. I am not kneeling and begging for money, rather letting you know that if you are able to make a contribution towards the cost of keeping the site active, please get in touch using the link below, any donations would be much appreciated.


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Many thanks for taking the time to visit ´English Electric Growl´. If there are any queries relating to the site that you want answered, please use the link below to send an email and every effort will be made to contact you as soon as is possible.


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