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Class leader, Class 37/3 no. D6700 is seen on display at the National Railway Museum on August 18th 2011

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´The Growlette´ was introduced to this site in 2010 as an area to post news, railtour information, a gallery and details on the company that designed and built the 12CSV Diesel engine, English Electric. Some other areas were added, but due to difficulties in obtaining information and ensuring that what was uncovered was correct, these fell by the wayside and hence, a decision was made to remove some 'deadwood' until enough time could be dedicated to their development.


´News´ and ´Railtours´ include both the latest information and the archive details pertinent to the title. The new section will be updated with relevant information when/if it occurs and the archives will expand in time as other areas of the site are updated. Under the Railtour banner, it is hoped to include details of all railtours that have ever used the 12CSVT power unit as traction.


The ´Gallery´ has undergone some major changes over the years, moving from a manual coded page through to a database driven 'flash' page. A number of years ago, development of the software used to create the 'flash' site was no longer supported and as the server software was updated, some problems were encountered. At first, I managed to create a 'work around', but further server upgrades saw the gallery cease to be operational. A change in direction brought the gallery back 'in-house' and this is how we got to where we are today.


´English Electric´ is where you will find some historic articles on the English Electric Company. It was reduced in size during the 2016 upgrade, but it is hoped that this area will be expanded once more when time allows it, including other uses of the 12CSV and other E.E. connected locomotives, so please call back and have a look in time.


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