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For many of the ´Bashers´ out there, railtours have been an integral part of the hobby, enabling them to gain haulage behind locomotives that were rarely seen on normal passenger duties. The type of railtour has ranged from those day excursions (ADEX) for the general public, through enthusiast tours to Luxury Land cruises. It is hoped that all will feature on these pages in time.


There are two separate lists available, the ´Future Tours´ list will include all known planned 12CSVT powered railtours and will provide links to the Operators where visitors will be able to find full details. The ´Past Tours´ page looks very similar, but links to a more detailed page containing extra information on the tours, like how they ran, what the actual traction was and the full detailed route, etc.


If you can add to the list of up and coming tours please get in touch using the contact form , selecting ´Contribution´ from the topic list. In the message please include the date the tour is running, the Name of the tour, the Tour operator and the booked traction.


It is hoped that ´Past Tours´ will evolve into a Historical record of all tours that have ever operated that have used 12CSVT power in some part of the journey, and that each page will include a photograph of the tour [12CSVT related, of course] and full details of the trip. If you know of a railtour which fits the criteria, but does not appear on the list, again, please get in touch using the contact form, selecting ´Contribution´ from the topic list and include as much information about the tour as advertised and how it ran.


This page was last updated on Thursday June 1st 2023