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Class 37/0 no. 37087 is seen stabled at Kingmoor TMD in Carlisle on July 11th 2009

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The section is divided into three areas, British Built locomotives, the Australian built locomotives and Buildlists. A search engine is provided to make it easier to search for a specific locomotive, this only searches the ´Built´ lists and displays a list of locomotives with all their renumberings noted on the site.

The type of information that will be published against each locomotive includes, works visits, modifications, rare workings, involvement in incidents, livery changes and other significant events, if you think you can add to, or correct, any of the information on show, please use the links on the locomotive page or this Contact Form to send the information in.

Search for a Locomotive

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This engine will search the numbers ever carried by the locomotive and the English Electric build number. The Australian Built locomotives only had one number, preceded by the letter A-, example D34 was A-197. For this search the A- has been omitted, so only use the last 3 digits of the number is you are searching by works numbers. The British Built locomotives had two numbers, the 4 digits before the oblique represent the English Electric Build number for that locomotive, the letters and numbers after the oblique represented the build location number for that locomotive, e.g. 2873/D589 is the complete works number of D6712/37012. 2873 is the English Electric Build Number and D589 is the Location Build Number. This search will only search for the element before the ´/´, 2873 in the example.


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