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Class 37/4 no. 37408 is seen at Rhymney on November 11th, 2002 having shunted into the sidings after the arrival with 2R42, the 1711 from Cardiff Central.

© Martin Bray

These pages have been created to allow visitors to see what images are required to allow the site to meet one of its goals. All classes of locomotives are represented, but it is now the ultimate aim of obtaining a photograph of every locomotive ever fitted with the 12CSVT, and if possible in every guise. It is realised that this is a huge task, but it is something that would be good to achieve.


From the menus on the left, you can choose the subject which you wish to see. The Australian and British Built menus will show the Classes related to the country of build with links to the locomotive lists related to that class. The 'Loco Lists' page shows the original build classes which are linked to lists which includes all locomotives related to that class, but the totals shown on the page are not class related and therefore shows the total of images of that loco, whatever the classification. The other options will show a list relating to the topic. This area is still under development so will possibly change as progress is made.


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