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© English Electric Growl / The late Bill Wright
17/3 class no. D6768 plus brake tender departs Tees Yard with a loose coupled, un-fitted hopper train on April 17th, 1967

© The late Bill Wright


To keep "English Electric Growl" 'current', there is always a need for material that is suitable for inclusion, not only photographs, but topical information that could be added to the site. Over the years a number of documents have been obtained, which it is hoped can be digitised to create a library of information. These currently consist of English Electric manuals, original photographs, brochures and magazine articles, which should hopefully will be available in some format in the coming months, obviosuly when time and space allows..


If you can provide any material, preferably originals, but photocopies or electronic copies are most welcome, please get in touch using this contact form


What format should I send files?


Written articles TXT, RTF, PDF or DOC file extensions
Video files Good quality MPG or AVI, (frame size 720 x 526 preferred)
Photographs JPG or PNG, frame size 1024 x 768 at a minimum, DPI set to at least 250
Sound files WAV or MP3.


What photographs are required?


Any good quality images that can be used as required within the structure of the site, especially those dating from the 1960s and 1970s. I hope to build up a pictorial album of the life of the locomotives from construction, through their working life and ultimately preservation or dismantling, whatever their fate may be. Preferred orientation is landscape, but portrait images are just as welcome.


All images used on the site will also be used in the gallery. Therefore, any images that are submitted should be at least 1024 x 768 pixels in size to ensure that when they are published no loss of quality is encountered. Images of a smaller size can be accommodated though, expecially if they have topical or interesting subject matters, there will be a loss of clarity/sharpness when they are enlarged.


Any images that are submitted should be 'clean' and the person submitting them should own their copyright. During the 'processing' of images for the site all copyright logos/text pertaining to the image will be layered over the photo. When submitting, please ensure that you include as much information as possible about the image, so that an appropriate caption can be added on the site. If you prefer, you can write the caption yourself, but this will be subject to editing as required.


What material is required?


An attempt is being made to compile a library of brochures published by English Electric, Ruston Paxman, GEC and their offsprings that can be used to create a separate technical library for future visitors. Historical articles on events, projects, modifications, etc. that have been carried out to the fleets since their introduction in 1960 are alos needed. See above for the 'Written Article' formats.


My opinion on Copyright issues?


The copyright of all images used on this site remain with the photographer/owner and theft of images from this site is frowned on. This is one reason that all images which appear on the site are watermarked with the site name before they are used on the site, no matter how large they are. It is felt that this is the best way to avoid, or reduced the chances of, theft of the images. The right click option could be disabled through Javascript, but all files would be available on the visitors computer anyway.


Is there a limit to how big a file should be?


For files like text articles, photographs, video and sound files, their size should not exceed 10 MB in one posting. If the you wish to send a post that is larger than this, either send files individually, if this will make them below 10 MB, or alternatively burn them onto a CD/DVD and post them in. You can request the current postal address using the contact form, link below.


What resolution do I need to use to scan the photographs?


The internet displays graphics at 72DPI, therefore if you scan the pictures at a greater pixel, eg. 300DPI, they can be re-sampled before they are used on the site. All photographs submitted will be edited or re-sampled before they are used, to ensure that they fit in with the basic plan of the site.


What information do I need to send in with each photograph?


Please add the name of the photographer, the location, date, train details, etc. so that a suitable caption can be created for the site.


How should I name the photographs that I submit?


You can name photographs however you like, but please include as much information as possible so that the photo can be credited correctly when uploaded to the site, a suggestions is "date_location_loco_Photographer name" for any photographs, e.g. 20060321_YstradMynachSouth_37411_VLarge, with as much other information/caption details supplied in the e-mail, or in the caption box on the upload form. If you are sending files on a disc, please create a word or excel document with all the relevant details included.


I want to submit photographs but don't want my name to appear on them?


That's ok, photos can be credited to Anon or a pseudonym. Pseudonyms will only be used if they are unique and your real name has been disclosed to 'Admin'. This is to avoid confusion if two people are trying to use the same name!


You have offered to add a website link to your site. How does this work?


You send in a photograph with your website link, the photo is then processed into the site format and used where it is seemed fit. Your name or Pseudonym, if required, will then be added to the links page with the link you provided, as long as it is deemed suitable.


Why offer links?


This is a way of thanking the people who help make the site what it is!


Will I be paid for the use of my photograph?


Unfortunately, No, this site is created on a voluntary basis and there are not the funds to pay for photographs to be used.


Do I need to compress files before they are sent to the site?


No, just keep an eye on the size of the file and the maximum size accepted which is listed above.


Who owns the copyright of the photograph once it has been published on your site?


The copyright of the original individual images used on the site remains with the photographer/provider.



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