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Frequent Questions

© English Electric Growl / David Harlott
Class 37 no. 37198 is seen at London Liverpool Street on June 29th 1979

© David Harlott


"English Electric Growl" occasionally gets questions from visitors that are related to the site, but more often than not, the topics are aimed towards more general subjects. Every e-mail that is received will get a reply, but some frequently asked questions can be found answered below.


How often is this site going to be updated?


This site is a ´Work in Progress´, which will be updated when the time is available. In the past, a mailing list was used to send the occasional update to regsistered users, but the advances in Social Media saw this list discontinued in June 2016. There are now 'Facebook' and 'Twitter' accounts that are use to promote the site, details of these can be found on the Social Media page


I have sent e-mails, but they are bounced back to me?


In the time that the site has been in operation a number of e-mail addresses were used, but spammers have rendered some useless and they have been discarded. Please use this contact form to get in touch today, this will be sent to the current e-mail address of the site and a response will be forthcoming as soon as it is practicable.


Where is the best place to go trainspotting?


Sorry, but this is not a site which can really assist with any trainspotting activities. It is suggested that you use your chosen web search engine to find alternatives.


What made you set up this site?


When the site founder was a young lad, a family friend worked on the railway close to our home which led to a few hours per week ´helping´ out at the local signalbox. Class 37s happened to be the main source of traction on freight trains in the Western Valleys of Gwent at the time and a over a number years many members the class were seen slogging up and gliding down the valley on a mixture of coal and steel related trains, which led to the ´fondness´ for the class.


Can visitors make suggestions for the site?


Suggestions from visitors on ways to improve the site and expand it's content are always welcome. If you can help, please use this contact form.


Why do the pages not display properly in my browser?


This site has been designed to be used with the latest Microsoft, Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers, if you use older versions of these, or any other browsers, you may have encountered problems. I can only suggest you upgrade your browser to the latest version or download one of the others available.



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